Avery Year One: The Music Video

Chris says: Long ago when we started doing this photo-a-day project, we had the idea of stitching all of the photos of Avery’s first year together into a video where we show each photo for one second so the video would be 366 seconds long.

Unbeknown to Carrie, I thought that watching a six-minute video of a bunch of photos would be much better if it had some musical accompaniment. So I set about writing a song that was exactly 60 beats per minute and had exactly 366 beats in it.

We just happen to be a part of a community that contains some of Seattle’s very best musicians, so without Carrie’s knowledge I secretly reached out to several of them to see if they would be willing to be a part of this project, and the response was very enthusiastic.

Over the month of October various musicians recorded their parts and I mixed it all together, until on Avery’s 1st birthday I surprised Carrie with the results (she was rather thrilled). You can now see the full music video here:

If you like the song, you can download it here: https://saucecore.bandcamp.com/track/just-be

Here are the song credits:

Now that this project is complete, what does that mean for this website? Well, it means that it will be scaled back a li’l bit. Instead of posting a photo every single day, photos will only be posted when we think they’re great and we want to share them with everyone (so probably still a couple of times a week ’cause she’s so frikkin’ cute). And we’ll keep this website up to date with any other big life moments, like when she finally walks on her own and things of that ilk, so keep checking back.