1st Trip to Portland!


Last weekend we three went down to Portland for the weekend to visit another family and their little boy Jakey (who just turned two). There was some rather dramatic weather on the way down (but it didn’t seem to phase Avery)

Saturday afternoon we went to the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) for some funtimes—they have a nicely-sized kids area there! Avery & Jakey played with all sorts of substances: sand, water, play-dough, blocks, plastic foods, etc!

Sunday morning we all went out for breakfast with Jakey and his family. Avery ate so much waffle!

And after breakfast there was a bonus Easter Egg Hunt at the Lewis & Clark College Campus!


In the afternoon we went to the Oregon Zoo! Avery was pretty sleepy when we arrived, but she woke up pretty quickly to look at all the animals.

Her favorite animals were the mongooses!

Then it was time to head on back home to Tacoma. We had a great time on Avery’s first trip to Portland!

Happy Easter from Avery!

Avery had a GREAT time on Easter. First, she got to see the Easter Bunny at great-grandma’s place, and she could not have been happier about that:

And there was much searching for eggs!

There was also searching for eggs at Grandma & Grandpa’s!

And later at dinner out with Papa’s family she got to hang out with Cousin Austin!

Happy Easter from Avery!