Zoo Times Two

This week Avery’s Mama and Papa both had vacation days, so they decided to take her to the Woodland Park Zoo… two days in a row!

DAY 1:

Avery played with penguins, rode a fox, slipped past a sleeping tiger, tamed a dragon, communed with orangutans, and giggled at Asian otters:


DAY 2:

Avery climbed a tree, had a brush with bears, high-fived an American otter, watched wolves play, napped with wallaroos, fed a budgie, and had lots of fun with Mama & Papa:

It turns out that going to the Zoo on days that threaten rain is an excellent choice; the place was practically deserted, and most of the animals were out in full view!

Vacation Weekend

Avery went on Vacation last weekend!

She spent some time with friends:

She ate some Mac & Cheese:

And she even went Kayaking (kind of):

It was a fun weekend, but it was also pretty exhausting:

The end.