Zoo Times Two

This week Avery’s Mama and Papa both had vacation days, so they decided to take her to the Woodland Park Zoo… two days in a row!

DAY 1:

Avery played with penguins, rode a fox, slipped past a sleeping tiger, tamed a dragon, communed with orangutans, and giggled at Asian otters:


DAY 2:

Avery climbed a tree, had a brush with bears, high-fived an American otter, watched wolves play, napped with wallaroos, fed a budgie, and had lots of fun with Mama & Papa:

It turns out that going to the Zoo on days that threaten rain is an excellent choice; the place was practically deserted, and most of the animals were out in full view!

Vacation Weekend

Avery went on Vacation last weekend!

She spent some time with friends:

She ate some Mac & Cheese:

And she even went Kayaking (kind of):

It was a fun weekend, but it was also pretty exhausting:

The end.

Avery Year One: The Music Video

Chris says: Long ago when we started doing this photo-a-day project, we had the idea of stitching all of the photos of Avery’s first year together into a video where we show each photo for one second so the video would be 366 seconds long.

Unbeknown to Carrie, I thought that watching a six-minute video of a bunch of photos would be much better if it had some musical accompaniment. So I set about writing a song that was exactly 60 beats per minute and had exactly 366 beats in it.

We just happen to be a part of a community that contains some of Seattle’s very best musicians, so without Carrie’s knowledge I secretly reached out to several of them to see if they would be willing to be a part of this project, and the response was very enthusiastic.

Over the month of October various musicians recorded their parts and I mixed it all together, until on Avery’s 1st birthday I surprised Carrie with the results (she was rather thrilled). You can now see the full music video here:

If you like the song, you can download it here: https://saucecore.bandcamp.com/track/just-be

Here are the song credits:

Now that this project is complete, what does that mean for this website? Well, it means that it will be scaled back a li’l bit. Instead of posting a photo every single day, photos will only be posted when we think they’re great and we want to share them with everyone (so probably still a couple of times a week ’cause she’s so frikkin’ cute). And we’ll keep this website up to date with any other big life moments, like when she finally walks on her own and things of that ilk, so keep checking back.


Introducing: Froggy Baby



Last week Avery went to a doctor’s office and came back with a new accessory! Avery has a bilateral hip dysplasia where her femurs’ heads are only about 1/4 as far into her hip sockets as they’re supposed to be.

So she gets to wear this lovely Pavlik Harness for the next 6 weeks, for 23 out of 24 hours per day. She isn’t terribly thrilled about being a frog instead of a monkey, but likely she’ll get used to it soon.

Avery’s First Music Show

Last Friday there was a pretty awesome musics show at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma. I took some o’ them photos.

First up was Lawrence “Sphinx Akashaa” Duncan. For one song he was joined by special guest Chris Blount!

Sphinx & Chris Blount

Sphinx & Chris

Then was the headliner, Julia Massey and half of the Five Finger Discount (their drummer Dom was off on a Hawaiian vacation):

Julia & Geoff

Julia & Geoff

And since this is me, I made an animated GIF of them. Of course.

Julia & Geoff: Animated!

Julia & Geoff: Animated!

After that was Terrapin Productions, who was joined by the FFD’s bassist Geoff:

Gary & Geoff

Gary & Geoff

One thing that was very nice about the night (other than the musics) was the fact that when I looked around the rather-packed room I knew probably 90% of the people there.

The Crowd

The Crowd

But what was especially special was the fact that we brought wee baby Avery with us for her first real outing at only one week of age. She ended up being the real star of the show! It was for many people the first time they had seen her. She was passed from friendly hand to friendly hand all night long.

Lara & Avery

Lara & Avery

Even rock stars couldn’t resist the urge of the cuteness of the wee beb:

Julia & Avery

Julia & Avery

In fact, Avery is so beloved that Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount actually wrote a song for her before she was born. It is called “Montana Capri” because before we announced the name of Avery we used Montana Capri as her codename. This was the first time the song was every performed live, and it was performed for Avery:


How many babies have songs written for them? And how many babies have the song performed for them live on stage in their first week of life? We have a very, very lucky wee beb.

Unfortunately we had to leave while The Old Salt was setting up due to the wee beb having been out for a couple of hours. But it was a pretty amazing night.

Doctor Says: A-OK!

Avery had her first follow-up doctor’s appointment since leaving the hospital,  and everything looks good and healthy! My favorite part of the visit was this exchange:

Doctor: How much did she weigh when she was born?

Carrie: 10 lbs, 12 oz.

Doctor: I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard that right; it sounded like you said 10 lbs, 12 oz.